Welcome to the digital exhibition for Triple Take. This space serves as the second component of a three-pronged project undertaken by FOUR-D in the winter of 2021 - an artist residency which resulted in both a physical and digital exhibition. This online component exists not solely to showcase the final projects assembled by the artists involved in the residency, but also to document their thoughts and experiences as they lived and worked between the Lexington House and the Prattsville Art Center.

Kirsten Harvey, Emma Ressel, and the collaborative team of Sue Roh and Jordan Walters with Claire Dickson were selected for the residency. Artists were provided with living and studio space at the Prattsville Art Center in Prattsville NY, while also creating work in, around, and about the historic Lexington House in Lexington, NY.

Using the Lexington House as a point of departure, each artist investigated the flexible and multifaceted nature of an abandoned place; as canvas, as backdrop, as archive.

In separate ways, the works within Triple Take aspire to capture the fleeting essence of a place that is created when a community is formed (then dissipates) around it. In a time when gathering together is nearly impossible, this project attempts a gathering apart, stringing together various processes and experiences to catch a glimpse of connectivity across time and through space.

Thank you to the Prattsville Art Center and the Lexington House for gernously sharing their spaces with the FOUR-D resients.