that sound you heard 

By Sue Roh & Jordan Walters with music by Claire Dickson

Nestled into one of the curves of the frozen over Schoharie Creek, the Lexington House was deafeningly silent during our stay in the dead of winter except for the occasional rustling of a tarp curtain or the scuffling of a mysterious furry friend. Even though we were alone in a House that was intended to shelter hundreds, we felt the vestiges of former residents, vacationers, and artists matryoshkaed in the crumbling walls of the House.

In our video piece, we wanted to capture the previous movement and activity of the House and its character through the personification of its essence. We researched the House’s history, took photos and videos, made measurements of walls and doorways, danced and sang to recreate its former life. Digging into the House’s archives, we discovered a pamphlet for a performance in the House by jazz musician Jeanne Lee called “Conspiracy.” Her visceral poetry and voice inspired our piece as we translated the House from a physical archive to a digital experience. We hope that you get a glimpse of the hallucinatory sanctuary that we experienced as you get lost in the different rooms and winding hallways.

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Press play to watch the video - best viewed in full screen with volume turned up