What will it feel like when I see you again?

Tender/intimate moments

Explore being indulgent

If it won’t culminate in performance what will it culminate in?

Be open to the space developing the idea.

Can I get the same catharsis as when I perform?

What does it mean to perform for yourself?

Don’t want to reign it in

Can I let myself tap into what I’ve been pushing down for so long?


Tableau One
Royalty, Marie Antoinette

28º & cloudy *light* flurries in the afternoon

packing list - 
face wipes
trash bag
pink dress

I’ve seen other artists do the cake with sprinkles thing so I thought it was my time. I’d never tried it and I wanted to give it a try.

Tableau Two
Purple + Grass + Flowers // Fairy

pack -
purples cloth
green polka dots cloth
silver mylar sparkles

location - 
blue room?
green room? (well lit)

refereces -
Lord of the Rings
Tilda Swinton

*play with glass

Hello this is Kirsten it is Friday January 15th 8:44pm. Today was awesome, it was so fun. I woke up really excited to work and got to the house pretty early. I set up in a room with a sink and I worked with some of the moss (1.) and some of the materials that I bought yesterday and there was some really awesome light in that room (2.) which we haven’t really been getting because its been so cloudy so it was fun to play with that a little bit. And it was really fun to play with that character […] I felt like I was being some sort of fairy or oracle. […] Then I left and I went to dollar general and got some yellow gloves (3.) and a white t-shirt to play around in the afternoon […] as a new character (4.) (5.) in another room. And that was a bit trickier, I felt like I wasn’t getting into it as much as I have been the other days. So I spent a long time and recorded a bunch of videos and I watched them when I got back. I’m frustrated with myself for not just trusting the work, I was being really judgmental in the moment when I felt like it wasn’t working. But now, watching these videos back, I feel like no, these are good, there is stuff there and I’m excited by them. So that was an important thing for me to witness and remember in terms of my practice because I can be way too quick and judgmental in the moment […] I got home and uploaded a bunch of stuff and started playing [all the videos] simultaneously, next to each other and that was kind of interesting (6.). There are moments of synchronicity and dissonance that are beautiful and exciting (7.). […] I’m wondering about playing with that a little more. I think that’s all for today. It is now 8:51pm on January 15th and this is Kirsten signing out!  


Tableau Three
Kitchen Housewife 60s 

That’s Amore w. voiceover (?) !!!!!!!!

the plan:
teased hair
black sunglasses
red/pink lips
fake lashes?
bubble gum
National Geographic!

Playing in a gigantic playhouse
Processing through the play
Making sense through the nonsense 


Play Practice 

By Kirsten Harvey 

During my time at the Triple Take Residency, I initially sought to answer these two questions: “Is it possible to perform for an audience of oneself?” and, alternatively, “Can a house or space serve as an audience?”. Utilizing costume, makeup, and various props, I created images and tableaus within which I recorded myself “playing pretend”. I soon became curious about exploring identity and crisis through this play. The Lexington House provided a setting in which I could be completely private and indulgent in my choices, while also reacting and performing in real time to the architecture around me.

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