Triple Take Residency

Press Release: 

FOUR-D presents Triple Take, both a residency taking place over two sites in the Catskill Mountains and a successive digital exhibition. The artists selected for this project are Kirsten Harvey, Emma Ressel, and the collaborative team of Sue Roh and Jordan Walters. Artists will be provided with living and studio space at the Prattsville Art Center in Prattsville NY, while creating work in, around, and about the historic Lexington House in Lexington, NY.

Using the Lexington House as a point of departure, each artist will proceed to investigate the flexible and multifaceted nature of an abandoned place; as canvas, as backdrop, as archive. Over the course of their investigations FOUR-D will be in daily communication with the artists, gathering information, artifacts, and facsimiles from their days’ work — all to be displayed alongside the works they created in and about the house.

In this way, working in tandem as artists and curators, Triple Take aspires to capture the fleeting essence of a place that is created when a community is formed (then dissipates) around it. In a time when gathering together is nearly impossible, this project attempts a gathering apart, stringing together various processes and experiences to catch a glimpse of connectivity across time and through space.