Navigating the line between art and retail FOUR-D was invited by Hudson River Exchange to curate a selection of artist’s multiples. SOFT BELONGINGS focused on a sense of contemporary art and design that bases itself on the ideas of the soft and the small. This branch of design emphasizes (in palette, material, and shape) the graspable and the mutable as counteraction from the rigidities and definitions of cultural structures and identities. Aiyana Jaffe, in her soft works, created pillows that shape themselves around the user, inviting a tender relationship of touch and play. Atsuko Bauman in her miniature sculptures created objects so small that in order to be examined must be held in the hand, brought close, permitting only an intimate exchange. All of the artists in this show created “products” that manifested discourses of fluidity, of “self care”, and of comfort.

The Aspen Tree, Atsuko Bauman, Ruby Jackson, Aiyana Jaffe, Sophia Orlow, Max Taylor-Milner, Gretchen Kelly, Sadie

Photos by Lizzy Chiappini