In collaboration with the local arts organization Instar Lodge in Germantown, NY, NASTY WOMEN was an exhibition held in response to the proposed funding cutbacks to reproductive rights organizations. Consisting of over one hundred artists and ultimately generating over $5,500 for the Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, NASTY WOMEN was a rallying cry for artists and their communities to enact political values. Democratic and performative by design, purchasers of the work were asked to remove the work from the walls themselves during the run of the show to be packaged for shipping, resulting in a constantly changing exhibition based on sales.

Emma Ressel, Becca Van K, Brece Honeycutt, Scout Pines, Beka Goedde, Sue Havens, Chloe Chappe, Caitlin Parker, Aiyana Jaffe, Anne Lindberg, Emily Ritz, Kiki Smith, Claire Conley, Sonia Roscoe, Amy Talluto, Atsuko Bauman, Susan Chiappini, Ripley Nichols, Moriah Mudd-Kelly, Jessica Goehring, Stella Lembcke, Simon Smith, Elisa Soliven, Michael DiRosa, Licha Jiménez, Adina Pease, Maryann Riker, Aly Barohn, Jack Whitescarver, DJ Horres, Julia Whitney Barnes, Richard Minsky, Barbara Slate, Marion Albers, Karla Roberts, JJ Manford, Sophia Orlow, Madeleine Buzbee, Christina Graham, Hannah Berger, Bethany Hughes, Michele Hertz, Val Shaff, Erika deVries, Gretchen Kelly, Ellen Jouret-Epstein, Nellie Ostow, Mandolyn Rosen, Parker Shipp, Lucy Reiss, Sarah Carpenter, James Autry, Emily Beresford, Scott Vander Veen, Lauren Barnes, Jen Ann, Ian McElfresh, Loey Gregory-Wiley, Addie Finch, Amber Junker and Eva Grunblatt, Lucy Blaire, Portia Munson, Heather Rae Hatton, Lars Bulrecz, Studio Scrivo, Dawn Breeze, Genie Hertz, Nicole Ucedo, Eve Brown, Nancy Barber-Stone, Clara Harlow, Alison Fox, Lindsey Erin Luna, Hillarey Dees, Lizzy Chemel, Freeda Handelsman, Katrina Rodabaugh, Laetitia Hussain, Dana Gentile, Annie Bielski, Serena Caffrey, Jonah Meyer, Maxwel Taylor-Milner, Emma Harden, Richard Sandler, Lacey Carter, Tropus, Judy Pfaff, Kelli Galloway

Photos by Hugh Hopkin