Funded with a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation, ISSUE ONE embodies FOUR-D’s initiative to experiment with the formal aspects of viewing visual art and the practice of exhibition. ISSUE ONE explored the connection between written and visual representation, tasking artists to simultaneously compose a piece of poetry, fiction, or essay alongside a visual work. On the day of the opening, the audience was asked to arrive at a specific time and discovered a small room filled with printed books. After an hour of reading, the audience was asked to compare their conception of the written work to what they were about to see, and the visual work was theatrically revealed.

Michael DiRosa, Colin Leitch, Kira Buckle, Lizzy Chiappini, Alec Petty, Grace Caiazza, Hannah Berger, Henry Williams, Eve Brown

Photographs by Jessica Chappe
Video by Nikki Ucedo and Sadie Elder

By nicole ucedo on Vimeo.