FOUR-D presents ISSUE TWO: Devotional. To what are you faithful to? Vices, virtues-- from the passions and fervor of this time last year-- sometimes it seems like everything is slipping away. What are you holding on to? What’s holding on to you? For this issue, FOUR-D is drawing on the power of the specific site we were fortunate enough to be invited to curate: The Church Troy. Previously a formal place of worship and rectory, the Church is now a communal exhibition, residency and studio space.

About FOUR-D Issues
The form of this exhibition is one that we hope to regularly continue as part of our practice-- something that we refer to as “ISSUES”. Each ISSUE project is separate from the other stand-alone projects in our practice because we ask artists to take a single idea, mood, or conceit and replicate it in multiple forms.  (In fact our name FOUR-D was initially meant to refer to the literal idea of something in the fourth dimension i.e an object that is “4D” is simultaneously every iteration of itself that it will be over time.)

About ISSUE 2: The Church Troy 
For this ISSUE, we ask that each proposal contain plans for a written component (write a poem, an essay, a prayer to/for your work), as well as a visual or performative one. The writing process may/may not be the compositional process for the visual or performative piece, we just ask that the writing be finished in time for us to edit, layout, and print the book we ultimately produce from the works of all contributors. The books will be distributed at the beginning of the evening, with the audience being required to have a mandatory reading period. Afterwards, we will unveil the visual pieces and begin performance programming, allowing the audience to draw conclusions and connection between language and image.


Submission Guidlines 
  1. Documentation of your current work, especially if you want to elaborate on that work for the exhibition.
  2. Writing sample from either you or your collaborator.
  3. Now run with it! The space is a giant pink cathedral, propose whatever idea you think would be best in the space and we will try our best to accommodate. We’re just looking for ideas that interest us! Please also share how your writing will relate to this project. We don’t expect any specific kind submission form -- it can be a sketch, a voice recording, or a written proposal -- we just need to know what you’re thinking. 
  4. NOTE: FOOR ARTISTS OUTSIDE THE AREA (and for those in-area who just want to get away) there is an oprion for a residency hosted ny The Church Troy while you are working on-site to install and create work. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for this oppertunity
  5. Submission deadline 5/10
  6. Exhbition opening will be held in late August.