Held in a partially furnished Gothic revival home, IN THE MIDDLE OF asked artists to either exhibit a project they were physically unable to complete or to begin a project with no pressure to complete it by the exhibition date. The artworks were installed in their unfinished form throughout the house, engaging with the architecture of the “unfinished” building. Nicholas Chiarella created an otherworldly fortress in the basement of the home, which hosted an ongoing performance project to create a dictionary of glyphs. Doug Campos debuted a bilingual zine about the relationships that queer Lantinx have with the secular and religious rituals of their families. During the exhibition FOUR-D hosted several roundtable discussions to allow each artist to elaborate on the unfinished nature of their work. 

Antonin Fajt, Nicholas Chiarella, Kate Bickhardt, Beka Goedde, Eve Brown, Susan Chiappini, Daniella Dooling, Douglas Campos, Cason Hall, Jessica Chappe, Madison Emond, Terrence Arjoon

Photos by Hugh Hopkin